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Announcing New Formula Junior Vintage Championship Series

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Effective January 1, 2022


Formula Junior Vintage Championship Series.

The objective of our new Vintage Championship Series is to highlight and focus on the traditional racing attitudes, courtesies and driver camaraderie, where winning is great but not everything. We want you to enjoy the track and paddock experience. To accomplish this objective, we need to have cars at the various venues. We have designed this Vintage Championship series so that you can accrue Championship points anytime you race your Formula Junior; any venue - wherever and whenever you want. Race alone or with your friends, at your local club or at a named event; anytime you register for an event, race and submit the FJHNA Submission Form you will accrue points for your Class Championship. We will also have an area on our web site where you can list the race(s) you want to go to and find out who else will be there. The goal is to have Junior owners talking to each other, paddocking close to each other and raising a glass of wine or a beer at the end of the day.

I’ve been in conversations with Dan Davis, owner and editor of Victory Lane and an avid supporter of Vintage Racing especially the historically significant Formula Junior class. He has offered to publish an article in Victory Lane Magazine about you and your car, provided you register for our Championship series by December 31st. Each driver will have to provide FJHNA and Victory Lane Magazine their car history, some personal information and possibly photographs or you can write your own article (more details below). Registering for the Vintage Championship Series will also make you a member of FJHNA and Monoposto. All of this at no cost.

The Formula Junior Vintage Championship Series has the full support of Monoposto and we will racing at most of their venues. At all races their Formula Classic Rules and Regulations will apply. While having fun competing in the FJHNA Vintage Racing Championship Series you will also be able to compete in the Monoposto Championship, where finishing position alone determines the champion. Within the FJHNA schedule will designate a few venues as a “FJ Reunion” which will be at tracks that are especially suited for our cars; historical tracks and/or spectator venues where we can showcase our cars at speed.

In addition, we will be soliciting the support from the various racing sanctioning bodies and local clubs to feature our cars. Current Formula Junior class nomenclature is extremely inconsistent within the racing community, therefore effective for 2022, the Monoposto nomenclature will be changed, clarifying the classes. These changes will have no effect on your on-track experience and there will be no changes to the Monoposto Formula Junior Car Specifications

The renamed classes have been defined by: the oldest to newest, the engine location, the type of brakes and transmission. A subclass has been established for Hewland gearboxes on drum brake cars. Implementing these changes on January 1, 2022 will mean like cars will compete with like cars for the championship. On track we will be racing each other just like now. The classes are; FJ1: Front Engine Formula Juniors with drum brakes; FJ2: Rear Engine Formula Junior with drum brakes; FJ2a: Rear Engine Formula Junior with drum brakes and a Hewland type “quick change” gear box; FJ3: Formula Juniors with disc brakes. Please NOTE that all verifiable unmodified original configured cars will compete in their original class.


  • Free membership in FJHNA and Monoposto

  • Compete in Two Championship Series at most venues.

  • FJHNA - Formula Junior Vintage Championship points are awarded at every track.

  • FJHNA Championship point system based on participation, car preparation and correctness over finishing positions.

  • Monopoosto Championship point system based on finishing position.

  • Classes and competition based on “like configuration.”

  • No changes to Monoposto car specifications rules and regulations

Formula Junior Vintage Championship Series

Point System

(Modified CVAR point system)

Awarding of Points:

Entry Points: (only one of the categories apply per venue) NOTE: points DOUBLE for attending a REUNION verses a non-scheduled venue

  • 5 points for entering at a non-scheduled venue

  • 7 points - for entering at a FJ scheduled venue

  • 10 points for entering at a FJ REUNION venue

Reliability Points:

  • 1 point – for starting each race/session on the weekend (excluding test & tune / practice / optional days).

  • 1 point – for finishing each race/session (running at finish as determined by scoring).

Preparation points:

  • 4 points – for period-correct appearing wheels and tires.

  • 3 points – for correct body configuration.

  • 3 points – for correct transmission.

Finishing position points: For last race of the weekend or designated feature race (one per weekend).

  • 4 points – for 1st through 3rd place in class

  • 2 point – for 4th through 6th place in class.


  • No minimum entrants required for points to be awarded.

  • Car must meet Monoposto FJ Class Specifications rules. Misrepresentation of car configuration will result in driver forfeiting all points accumulated to date.

  • Reckless, overly aggressive driving, car to car contact will/may result in disqualification from the series.

  • VMC infractions or placement of the VMC infractions list may disqualify the driver from participation in this series.

  • Points may be deducted for on-track infractions as determined by RACE/FJHNA officials.

  • In case of a points tie the driver with most first-place finishing positions will be the winner, followed by the most second place finishes etc. until the tie is broken.

Victory Lane Magazine article information

The article for Victory Lane Magazine could include the following:

  • Some driver racing history with FJHNA – several paragraphs

  • Driver’s history in vintage racing – several paragraphs. Include some favorite racing adventures and circuits.

  • How the car was acquired and history of it and of that make and model

  • Crew, shops, parts sources that made it possible to race the car.

  • Photos of driver, crew, car racing photos

  • The entire story in Victory Lane Magazine can be about a page with one or two photos or it can be two or more pages with many photos, writers choice.

  • Dan Davis, Editor and Publisher is available for guidelines and help as needed. Cell: 650-465-3258

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