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Lime Rock Historic Festival to feature Formula Junior

Formula Junior drivers!

Skip Barber is offering an exclusive Formula Junior grid at the Lime Rock Historic Festival 41 -- September 1-4.

The Historic Festival is one of the top vintage racing events in America. Lime Rock is an historic circuit, Skip Barber is an historic racer, the surrounding Berkshire Mountains make for a magical place to spend Labor Day weekend. A major spectator event, it will feature draw an impressive group of cars. There will be pageantry and camaraderie as we celebrate Formula Juniors and show off our cars.

Details to come. Please join us there!

We need at least 25 cars for an exclusive grid, and a surge of entries this week and early next week would be extremely helpful. Also, the entry fee increases by $100 June 1. We have heard many of you are thinking about entering but have not done so. Please enter your Formula Junior this week and join us at Lime Rock Park! Our Formula Juniors are best enjoyed with other Formula Juniors. We are confident of achieving an exclusive grid, but we need you to enter. Please enter at Motorsport Reg ASAP.

Click on the Links below for more information

We'll see you there!

Your FJHNA Lime Rock Steering Committee: Mitch McCullough, Nick Grewal, Joseph DeLucia, Whit Smith and J.R. Mitchell.

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