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Welcome to the new Formula Junior Historic North America Website

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Hello! Hopefully you immediately noticed that we have significantly revamped our website to both make it a more useful resource for you and easier for us to maintain. Here are some highlights of the changes we have made:

Home Page - The 2021 races scroll across the top of the page and, if you click on the image it will take you to the event's website to obtain additional information. Below that you will find the Club President's Blog with important club information like this change.

About Page - From this drop-down menu you can select either information about Formula Juniors (FJs) history, connect to FJ club leadership, or browse previous season archives.

Join - This menu item takes you to a simple PDF FJ membership form. After filling our the information on the page, we are asking visitors to simple scan or take a photo of the form then send it to the email address on the form.

Racing - From this drop-down menu item you can either select our racing events planned for the year along with links to the organizers or the race results that provides links to the results for each race as well as points earned for each event.

Standings - This menu item takes you to the FJHNA season standings.

Rules & Regs - This menu item takes you to important information about the current FJHNA racing series rules for 2021 and FJ car specifications.

Links - You might note that we no longer maintain a page of FJs "For Sale." We setup to credibly provide this service on our site. Going forward, we will provide and maintain links to places where FJs and parts are sold. We also provide links to other clubs and vendors that you might find useful. We encourage you to provide us with any links you believe we should add.

Contact - As always, we appreciate any constructive feedback about the website or the club.

Enjoy the site!

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